Chetan Mahajan featured on Northwestern University website - Finding value in the bad boys

After landing in jail, Chetan Mahajan ’07 becomes an ‘accidental author’ - By Fred Schmalz

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Chetan Mahajan's Story by Your Story

Can going to Jail be a good thing??? by

In December 2012, Mahajan's then employer Everonn was accused of defrauding the parents of the students of their coaching class chain. Mahajan, being the senior most employee present at Bokaro City where the controversy broke out, is arrested. The ordeal that started out a few days before Christmas of 2012 dragged on for 30 long days with Mahajan trying hard and unsuccessfully to prove his innocence.

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Jailonomics: How to Survive Inside an Indian Prison - Yahoo!

One day Chetan Mahajan was a regular US-returned executive with a double MBA. The next, he was in Bokaro jail in jharkhand. Flung into a world utterly unlike his urban corporate life, his curiosity was fired. A month later when he got out, he had a new understanding of the peculiar shadow economy inside jail and how money lubricates every walking moment of prisoner's life.

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