The Himalayan Writing Retreat

Writing is an arduous, solitary activity. But writers thrive in the company of other writers - the right ambience can offer them much inspiration. Add to that the ultimate muse called Nature, and you have the Himalayan Writing Retreat. These retreats brings all these elements together to offer true inspiration to a writer

We understand how the needs of a novice writer differ from those of an author who has published a lot. We have created – and painstakingly tested over the years – different types of retreats for different writer groups. And we have repeatedly seen that whenever people are in the company of others fired by the same dreams, it is a great motivator.

Our retreats come in many shapes and sizes. Our topics vary from writing workshops for children to Blogging & Podcasting to authoring books, of course. Our retreats range from a 3 day extended weekend retreats for beginners to week + events for veteran writer. 

We have a track record for providing creative inspiration. Writers thrive at our retreats. To read what our participants say about us, please visit

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