I call myself an author now, but my writing career had a painful start.

In December 2012, I found myself in a tricky situation when I was arrested and jailed in a case against my employer. In jail one has nothing to do and is surrounded by interesting subject matter. The closet writer in me bloomed and the outcome was “The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail” which was published by Penguin in 2014. A true story, The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail was well liked by many. When I now look back at the book I see it as a novice effort with much scope for improvement.

After my name was cleared I started working again - this time as the CEO of HCL Learning Ltd. But the air quality of Delhi had my six year old son wheezing severely. One way to deal with it was medication and nebulizers. The other was to leave the city.

We decided that the attractions of city life weren't worth such a high price, and we moved to the Kumaon Himalayas in 2015. Professionally, the move was painful - no companies have open positions for senior management in Satkhol Village.

The same tools which kept me going in Jail helped me bounce back again, and I founded the Himalayan Writing Retreat. After another year I also co-founded Indian Mountain Foods, which sells Heavenly cheese. I am now finalizing the manuscript of my second book.

These experiences helped me understand my own resilience and how creativity helps in that process. I now speak at events, corporations and business schools. The theme is often resilience and creativity. Communication and writing with clarity is another favourite topic. I live a simple life, and make do with enough. And I also love to talk about how much is enough.